Q: What is YidJob?

A: YidJob is an online platform, connecting qualified individuals with employers seeking their talent and experience. We simplify and speed up the process for all by providing cutting-edge solutions for companies/employers and jobseekers alike.

Q: Is YidJob a recruiting or career agency?

A: No. YidJob is a self service platform that enables employers and candidates to connect with each other. Our team does provides general info & customer support for all users.

Q: What are the most significant YidJob.com features?

A: There are many… here are the ones jobseekers find the most helpful.

  • Advanced job search form
    Precise, innovative and quick! The job search form has eight categories for you to use at your own discretion. It’s a great way of filtering all job options and ensure that you don’t waste time looking at irrelevant postings. In addition to our categories, we also have a keyword search option for additional filtering.
  • Bookmark jobs
    See a job that interests you? Bookmark it and it gets added to your account  for you to check out at your convenience.
  • Post Your Profile
    Increase your chances of being seen.  By posting your resume, you increase the chances of being discovered by potential employers. Often, your resume will spark interest in employers even if they never posted a job.
  • Job Alert Emails
    You don’t have to constantly keep searching for new job posts, use our advanced alert feature bt setting up your customized job alert, and receive daily, weekly or biweekly new alerts matching your criteria, straight to your inbox.
  •  Apply Direct
    Found a  job you like? Apply in an instant by filling out the form or using your existing online resume


Q: I have posted my profile on YidJob. How do I get more employers to view it?

A: You want to be seen? Use good keywords in your profile. Specific and relevant qualifications, clarity in your resume and a good career title will help employers find you sooner. A professional photo and an up-to-date resume also goes a long way in impressing potential employers.

Q: Do I have to compromise my privacy in order to post on YidJob?

A: Not at all. Your personal contact info is not visible to anyone. A potential employer will only contact you via the site, and you will get an email notifying you of the employer’s interest.

Q: YidJob sounds just right for me, but how much will it cost me?

A: YidJob is absolutely free for job seekers. Get started today!

Q: When posting my profile, can I upload a resume document in my profile?

A: Since the platform is completely digital, your resume is much more valuable and searchable by employers if it’s digital. Therefore, no direct uploads are possible.

When you are actually applying for a job, you do have the option of uploading a document.